A School of Daughters

     It's funny how things sneak up on you....

After 22 years of marriage, Kate Willoughby loves her husband, Brian, with an even greater passion than when she spoke her vows. "My world spins on his axis," she says. But when Kate finds a love letter to Brian from “Micky,” she’s torn between proving Brian’s innocence and nailing him to the wall with his guilt.


Seeking comfort and guidance, Kate turns to the one constant in her life: her animals. No surprise since Kate is a champion for throwaways—discarded dogs and cats, abandoned horses bound for slaughter, and all creatures great and small. But she never imagined she would become a throwaway herself. Yet few things are as they seem. Finding evidence that Brian still loves her, Kate is at a fork. Does she follow her human heart...or animal instincts?


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